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"Software is like sex. It's better when it's free." -- Linus Torvalds
"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." -- Charles A. Lindbergh
"I have seen the fnords." -- Historical graffiti on Anarchy Bridge, UK
"Testing can prove the presence of bugs, but not their absence." -- Edsger Dijkstra
"Hi, my name is Pete and I'm an OSSTMM user." -- Pete Herzog
"Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to remove." -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery
"The GNU people aren't evil." -- /usr/src/linux/Documentation/CodingStyle
"Never whistle while you're pissing." -- Hagbard Celine
"There are always errors in real data." -- The AWK Programming Language
"When cryptography is outlawed, bayl bhgynjf jvyy unir cevinpl." -- Anonymous


[0x01] Who's Raptor?

Welcome to my personal homepage and playground. Even though I'm a busy guy, I try to keep it up to date. Take a look below for (new) stuff. Please send your feedback to: Marco Ivaldi <raptor[at]0xdeadbeef.info> (PGP key).

I'm a seasoned information security researcher and consultant, specializing in networking (from old-style X.25 packet switched networks to modern wireless links), telephony (landline, mobile, VoIP), and control systems (SCADA and critical infrastructures in general). I'm employed as Principal Security Advisor at @ Mediaservice.net, a leading information security consulting firm based in Italy, where I'm in charge of project and team management, penetration testing, compliance audits, vulnerability research, and exploit development. Basically, I'm a professional hacker and project manager. I hold the following certifications:

As member of the ISECOM Core Team, I'm actively involved in the development of the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), the international standard for performing security testing and metrics. I'm also contributing to the Hacker Highscool (HHS), another ISECOM project providing security awareness for teens. As a technical writer, I've published articles about hacking, security, and privacy on many computing magazines and web sites. I'm co-founder and editorial board member of Linux&C (the first Italian magazine about Linux and open source), Linux Pratico, and H&C.

I'm an OpenBSD and FreeBSD aficionado. When I have to use Linux, I choose my first love Slackware.

[0x02] Projects.

Here's the list of my current research projects related to ethical hacking and information security.

[0x04] Publications.

This is a collection of books, articles, research papers, presentations, and advisories I've written or contributed to.

Articles and Books.

Interviews. Papers and Presentations. Advisories. Magazines. Mailing Lists.

[0x08] Exploits.

Here are some exploits I've developed during my vulnerability research activities. For educational purposes only.


Solaris/x86. Solaris/SPARC. AIX. Oracle. MySQL. Misc.

[0x10] Code.

This section is dedicated to some of the programs I've coded in the past. Most of this stuff is experimental, standard disclaimer applies.

New School.

Old School. Exploitation. Shellcode. Esoteric. Misc.

[0x20] Configurations.

Here are some configuration templates for common information security solutions. YMMV.

Packet Filters.

Application Firewalls. Virtual Private Networks.

[0x40] Other Cool Stuff.

First of all, read the BOFH stories by Simon Travaglia, also in their new home! As a bonus I've written a small CGI script that generates a random "excuse of the day". Other cool stuff follows here...

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